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Andreev Andrey

Adrey Andreev was born in Magnitogorsk in 1989.

In 2013 he graduated from the Academy of Arts named after Repin (St. Petersburg), and in 2020 at the BAZA Institute (Moscow). He also studied at the school of involved art "What to do" in St. Petersburg.

Winner of the Tretyakov Prize in the category ‘Internet Project of the Year’ with the project ‘Where is my father?’ In 2019.

Since 2020, he has been a member of the expert council of the Tretyakov Prize.

Lives and works in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Main media: creation of situations, performance, video, installation, drawing.


I understand art as a practice that constantly questions established value systems. I often use irony in my works.



The collision with Andrey Andreev's objects is puzzling. At first glance, a game of perception begins: are they sculptures? reliefs? crumpled graphics? In the photo, they seem small and light, but in reality they look monumental. This saturation draws the viewer into the free play of the imagination, urging them to go further and unravel the layer of meanings that is hidden behind the artist's objects.

In his works, Andreev confronts two mediums of classical art - painting and sculpture. The flat surface of the canvas, which undergoes transformation, compression, turns into a volumetric sculpture. The artist poses the problem of creating the new through the destruction of the old. It is important for Andreev that painting is not only completed, but destroyed as a medium. With this gesture, the artist goes beyond painting, establishes a literal border between it and sculpture, but preserves this transgression, fixes it in the resulting hybrids.

Andrey calls his works “Acts”. An act is both a separate action and a document. Starting with the fixation of visual images on the canvas, as on a blank sheet of paper, the artist finishes his work with the gesture of crumpling the resulting document. As a result, the viewer sees before him the documentation, the "act of the act." The expressiveness of this gesture manifests at the same time a rebellion against the bureaucratization of art and life.

Painting itself is an attempt to comprehend the connections and relationships that exist between individuals and in society. Behind the deformed relief, you can see images of figures and faces, which are referenced by memories, dreams, social media and news content. All these images and their scraps add up to a new reality, where they live their own lives and wander across the canvases, wanting to be seen and read. Thus, Andreev seems to be reassembling reality, acting as the creator of a new one, where its own iconography and its own structure dominate. This desire to return the reality captured by virtual networks, and with the help of classical mediums, echoes the speculative turn and the desire to return the object to the world and philosophy.

But being static, Andreev's objects spread, pulsate in perception. The gaze wanders over the resulting 3D landscape, peers into the folds and wrinkles of the canvas, but never fully captures the picture. This escapism, the dispersion of images turns into a stream that resists fixation. The emphasis shifts from statics to dynamics and duration, making it possible to compare Andreev's objects with minimalist sculpture, which, under the influence of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception (1945), was one of the first in art to reflect on the conditions and possibilities of spectator perception. (Anastasia Khaustova)


  • 2020 — Lesnoe11, Moscow region
  • 2018-2019 — Open Studios Winzavod, Moscow
  • 2018 — Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow
    2015 "Espronceda", Barcelona, ​​Spain


  • 2020 — "From dawn to dawn". Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2020 — "Interpret" with Anna Belousova. Gallery "Izmailovo", Moscow
  • 2019 — "Perfect Polly". Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Currant" within the framework of the "Days of Winery in Masters" program, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Chewing gum". Cube Moscow, MIZK gallery, Moscow
  • 2018 — Exhibition following the results of the residence. Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow
  • 2015 — Exhibition following the "Espronceda" residence. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • 2015 — "Untitled". Factory "Crystal", Moscow


  • 2020 — "Dating". St. Petersburg
  • 2020 — "A dog as a companion does not count" at the Lesnoye11 residence, Moscow region
  • 2020 — "Taxi". St. Petersburg
  • 2020 — "Walk. The crime scene is deserted". St. Petersburg
  • 2020 — "Leather Bastards. Action at". Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Race" together with Ivan Tugolukov, Anna Nova Gallery, Myth Gallery, Marina Gisich Gallery, DK Roses, Antonov Gallery, XL Gallery, Pop / Off / Art Gallery, 11.12 Gallery, InArt Gallery, Fineart Gallery, Artis Gallery, Totibadze Gallery, Open Studios, Saint Petersburg - Moscow
  • 2019 — "CV". Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Where is my father?" together with Anna Belousova. Laika, Saint Petersburg


  • 2020 — Blazar, Pop / Off / Art gallery stand. Museum of Moscow, Moscow
  • 2020 — "Actionism and Art Activism 2020: What's Next". Curated by Katrin Nenasheva. CTI Fabrika, Moscow
  • 2020 — "Forms of motion". Curated by Polina Borisova. Sevkabel Port, Saint Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Point of bifurcation" in the framework of the parallel program of the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Omelchenko gallery, Moscow
  • 2019 — "Infographics". Curators Anna Belousova and Ksenia Kudrina. Cube Moscow, Moscow
  • 2019 — Crumpled. Stabbing. Cook. Pouring". Curated by Lisa Stormi. Museum "Integration", Moscow
  • 2019 — "On the waves". St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Levels". Curated by Maria Kolotovkina. Stepan Razin plant, St. Petersburg
  • 2019 — "Unnecessary Experience-2". Moscow
  • 2018 — "Nasrano". Moscow
  • 2018 — "This is not a sipovka". Curated by Viktor Zhdanov. Moscow
  • 2018 — "Radical fluidity. Grotesque in art". MISP, Saint Petersburg
  • 2018 — Festival "Art-prospect", curators Kendal Henry and Lizaveta Matveeva, St. Petersburg
  • 2017 — "Against everyone". Curated by Anatoly Osmolovsky. Vladey, Moscow
  • 2017 — Sam Art Fair. Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg
  • 2016 — Аrt 16 London. Лондон, Great Britain
  • 2013 — Red Dot. Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA


ACT 56
Andreev Andrey

ACT 56, 2019

Canvas, acrylic, enamel, pencil, oil pastel
140 х 95 х 50
300 000 ₽
ACT 43
Andreev Andrey

ACT 43, 2019

Canvas, acrylic, enamel, pencil, oil pastel
30 х 26 х 25 cm
90 000 ₽
ACT 72
Andreev Andrey

ACT 72, 2020

Canvas, acrylic, enamel, pencil, oil pastel
104 х 67 х 47 cm
240 000 ₽
From the project
Andreev Andrey

From the project "Untitled", 2015

Acrylic, oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm
350 000 ₽
From the project
350 000 ₽
From the project
350 000 ₽
From the series
16 000 ₽
From the series
16 000 ₽
From the series
16 000 ₽
From the series
16 000 ₽
From the series
70 000 ₽
From the series
60 000 ₽
From the series
50 000 ₽
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