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Teterin Evgeniy

Evgeniy Teterin was born in 1979.

He began teaching sculpture at the Rostov Art College named after M.B. Grekov (workshop of Sergey Oleshni, 2005).

In 2011 he graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (workshop of A.I. Rukavishnikov). Upon graduation, he was awarded the medal "For success in studies" by the President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli.

From 2009 to the present, he has been working at the Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov. Since 2013, Evgeniy is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Works are in Russian and foreign private collections.

The powerful, cast masses of figures in the sculpture of Evgeniy Teterin, a student of Alexander Rukavishnikov, as if they are bursting with internal energy and dynamics, make you recall the classic antique patterns. As if they balance in space due to complex dynamic points of support, which in itself supports the motive of energetic movement and gesture, the figures captivate with their charismatic tactility.

The animalistic motif of the dog, the bull terrier, wandering from work to work, makes it possible to trace the dynamics of the development of the image from the origin of movement and life (“Boy with a Dog”) to static completeness and isolation, solemnity, metaphorical meaning in the rotated antique image of the Capitoline Wolf (“III Rome "). The expressiveness of the sculptural compositions is achieved by the integrity and lapidarity of the forms of the symmetrically solved composition. The sincere pathos of the theme and the solemn statics of the poses make these works perfect samples of representative sculpture.


  • 2019 — Monument to the Ministry of Emergencies on Pozharnaya Square  in Tver
  • 2018 — MONUMENTAL ART MMXVIII. Design factory FLACON, CUBE space, Moscow
  • 2018 — Monument "Moscow Fire-fighters" on Prechistenka Street in Moscow
  • 2016 — “June 22. On the side of man.” Gallery "Here", Moscow
  • 2015 — Vernissage at Trollattan Arthal. Trollatten Arthall, Netherlands
  • 2015 — To the Victory We Dedicate. Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2015 — Flowers of Victory. Museum of Russian Estate Culture "The Estate of the Golitsyn Princes "Vlakhern-Kuzminki ”, Moscow
  • 2015 — VIII Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2015. People and the World”. Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2015 — Self-centeredness. WINZAVOD, Moscow
  • 2014 — Bull Terrier - a gentleman's dog. Darwin Museum, Moscow
  • 2014 — Life Forms. Open Club Gallery, Moscow
  • 2014 — Nord Art - 2014. Gugelsdorf, Germany
  • 2013 — XVI Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2013. Process". Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2011 — Young artists of Russia. Central House of Artists, Moscow


SoldIII Rome
Teterin Evgeniy

III Rome, 2008

25 x 10 x 15 cm
Teterin Evgeniy

Moscow, 2008

60 х 60 х 80 cm
Teterin Evgeniy

Petroleum, 2012

140 х 170 х 150 cm
Boy with a dog
Teterin Evgeniy

Fight, 2008

60 х 80 х 8 cm
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