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A collective self-fulfilling prophecy of our beautiful tomorrow

The first project in the new space is the group exhibition "Collective self-fulfilling prophecy of a beautiful tomorrow," which suggests if not changing, then allowing the possibility of changing the optics from apathy and impossibility of this very tomorrow to readiness for action and appropriation of the future for ourselves. 

"The opening of permanent space presents a-s-t-r-a new level of challenges. In addition to the constant search for new names and the promotion of our artists, we aim to become a platform for dialogue and the testing of hypotheses, which is especially relevant in today's time of shattered perceptions of the old world and the lack of a coherent conceptual basis for a new future. With our first project, we want to invite you to reflect on the fact that the future can and must be appropriated. And allowing ourselves to appropriate it, to think it up. And once you have thought it up, you can do it. This is much easier when you have a goal you want to strive for and a circle of like-minded people. Alina Kryukova

The exhibition shows the works of the residents and participants of the gallery's projects: Igor Litvinov, Maria Agureeva, Dishon Yuldash, Pavel Bushuyev, Pavel Solovyev, Jolie Alien, Sergey Dorokhov, Arthur Krivoshein, Yuri Samoilove, Nadezhda Kosinskaya, Catherine Zorkaya, Denis Stroyev and others.

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