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Exhibition of Achievements of Contemporary Artists / WDSH 2022

Exhibition of Achievements of Contemporary Artists / WDSH 2022

April 21 - June 21, 2022 at GUM-Red-Line.

GUM-Red-Line Gallery for the first time presents a collective project that brings together the leading galleries of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The exposition is designed to unite and support like-minded people in our difficult times, to show a wide audience the variety of formats of contemporary art, to introduce artists who have a significant influence on the history of art of the 21st century.

Project participants / galleries and artists:

11.12 / Rinat Voligamsi
Alina Pinsky Gallery / Evgeny Muzalevsky
Alisa Gallery / Katerina Lukina
Anna Nova / Alexandra Garth
a-s-t-r-a Gallery / Sergey Dorokhov
E.K.ArtBureau / Andrey Filippov
Fragment Gallery / Danini
Iragui Gallery / Pavel Pepperstein
JART Gallery / Alexander Melamid
Marina Gisich Gallery / Victoria Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin
OSNOVA / Elena Popova
pop/off/art / Vladimir Potapov
Ruarts / Petro
Syntax Gallery / Valery Chtak
Totibadze Gallery / Alexander, Olga and Katya Florensky
XL Gallery / Alexander Povzner
GUM-Red-Line / Gosha Ostretsov

Curators: Igor Kazakov, Marina Fedorovskaya

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