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Safronova Mariya

Watch 3

508 $
Paper, graphic materials
20,5x20,5 cm
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From the series "Solar Wind"

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Before shipping, we pack all the work safely

Step 1: We arrange the work in black, white or gray mat — from 10 to 15 cm, under glass and in a wooden frame.

Step 2: Carefully wrap up the work in silence — decorative paper for packaging.

Step 3: We put in a branded cardboard box for reliable delivery and package.
ASTRA securely pack

Other works of the author

Day’s end
Safronova Mariya

Day’s end, 2016

Cardboard, acrylic
20x29,5 cm
923 $
Safronova Mariya

Panic, 2016

Cardboard, acrylic
20,5x29,5 cm
923 $
Safronova Mariya

Competitions, 2016

Cardboard, acrylic
25,5x28,5 cm
923 $

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