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Two turns around the rainbow

solo show Ilya Kutoboy

Winzavod Central Exhibition Center

5.03.2023 — 13.04.2024

On March 5, a—s—t—r—a gallery of contemporary art will present a solo exhibition of illustrator Ilya Kutoboy "Two turns around the rainbow". The artist himself ironically calls his style "tropical primitivism".

The idea for the exhibition emerged during the artist's trip to India. However, the theme of the tropics had been troubling Ilya Kutoboy since childhood: "I remember I was about five years old, if not earlier, when I had a sunstroke with a high fever and delirium, during which I had bright visions. Unseen animals and plants, pulsing rainbow colors filled my entire mind for some moments and were forever imprinted in my memory. Perhaps in creating worlds that are sunny and full of naive surrealism, I am unwittingly returning to my roots."

In the gaps in the fabric of everyday life, the unseen and unseen emerges in Kutoboy's work. The artist, who makes us smile involuntarily, reminds us that in a world of super speeds and disturbing news feeds, there is still room for angels who can touch your shoulder, women frozen in Goguenian tenderness, palm trees that whisper, birds and cats - faithful harbingers of paradise already here on earth. And that art is first of all a play of imagination, and each of us is only stardust on the canvas of the universe.

Kutoboy's world is a space where death and pain seem to be absent, and even the rounded teeth of a snake cannot hurt.

A world where seriousness gives way to play, history to myth, and the tropics are not just a climate zone, but a state of mind.

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