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13 Nov to 19 Dec 2019,

Moscow, Tverskaya 3, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel -2 level

Curator Irina Shulzhenko

Young and completely different from each other, auto-didactic artists have never studied painting professionally, but each has its own special background, which partly determines their expressive language. An autodidact artist is often freer in developing his aesthetics than those over whom the school dominates. However, self-taught are more difficult to fit into the context of institutions. To find their own identity, they need to constantly be open to experiment and study the visual context around them.

Jolie Alien is a young model for whom painting is, above all, a way to express and capture their own impressions and thoughts, using collage compositions and complementary colors.

Yuri Samoilov - screenwriter, director. In the works explores the boundaries of the figurative and abstract.

Pavel Solovyov is a top manager from the world of advertising and marketing, exploring the identity of a person in the modern world and creating monochrome works that inherit the search for Paul Klee and Juan Miro.

Alien Jolie

Jolie Alien — художник автодидакт, которая в свои восемнадцать успела сделать три соло выставки и стать участником множества групповых проектов. При этом, Jolie – модель, ее динамичная жизнь насыщена яркими впечатлениями, которые она пытается перенести в свои работы.

Jolie Alien was born in 2002 in Moscow.

An autodidact artist, she works with catchy images, simple plots, cropped compositions and expressive drawings.

Each of Jolie's works is introspective, connected with personal memories, which partly explains her visual language, which is intertwined with surreal images, simple geometric patterns, catchy inscriptions made with paint and spray.

Jolie's works resemble a wall that has been covered with graffiti for a long time: the figures float on top of each other, creating a collage effect. Jolie outlines youth, which she has direct access to and which is closed to the adult world.

The artist finishes her studies at the Moscow art INSTITUTE, combining a career in the fashion industry, participating in shows of such brands as Valentino, Off-White, Jil Sander, Paco Rabanne, Prada, Viviene Westwood, Simone Rocha, etc. Starred in international advertising campaigns Mango, Fendi, Adidas.

The rights to use the image of "Whirpool" were acquired by Mango for use in the release of a collection of t-shirts around the world. She was the subject of articles about her work in Document Journal, Vogue, InStyle, Elle and

Preparing for admission to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Complementary colors, expressive drawing and collage compositions of her paintings may seem confusing to many, but this confusion, ambiguity is a special feature of Jolie's works that distinguishes them from many others. As an artist, she values and puts perception above reflection, intuitiveness and even a certain automaticity of her paintings are related to art Brut and some of the works of Jean Dubuffet.

Jolie's language is highly subjective and even introspective. Perhaps only classical techniques can now allow the artist the luxury of speaking out about himself and capturing the reality around him as an enduring impression.

Her works are in collections in Russia, China, Japan, Belgium and America.

Lives and works between Moscow, London, and Tokyo.


  • 2021 - solo show "Symbiosis", Peak Moscow by a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia, a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - ENTER Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - "I lost track of the world", curated by Irina Shulzhenko, Richter space
  • 2019 - group show "One, Two, Three", curated by a-s-t-r-a, cube space.Moscow;
  • 2019 - solo show "20.11", curated by Irina Shulzhenko and Dmitry Yanchoglo, Richter space 2019,
  • 2019 - solo show "1367 number of my tick - what to do?", curated by a-s-t-r-a, Cube space.Moscow;
    live performance at the opening of a-s-t-r-a LAB, "Color" (creating a five-meter wall painting);
  • 2018 - "Wanted", Kino gallery



Alien Jolie

Dolphin, 2021

Canvas, acrylic
115 x 160 cm
Alien Jolie

Whirpool, 2019

Canvas, acrylic
150 x 200 cm
Fashion week
Alien Jolie

Fashion week, 2019

Canvas, acrylic
150 x 200 cm
Four elements
Alien Jolie

Four elements, 2019

Canvas, acrylic
120 x 100 cm

Samoilove Yrii

Yrii is a graphic artist and painter with an extraordinary background. His first encounter with art happened at the age of 20, when, after graduating from Moscow Film School as a screenwriter and a director, he returned to painting and drawing.

Born in 1987.

Yrii is a graphic artist and painter with an extraordinary background. His first encounter with art happened at the age of 20, when, after graduating from Moscow Film School as a screenwriter and a director, he returned to painting and drawing.

Yrii's artworks is a methodological examination of the nature of painting.  He continues the line of abstract artists of America and German neo-expressionists of 1960-70 (especially De Kooning, Baselitz and Kiefer). Through them, Samoilov looks into the question of the method, which for him is the problem of the relationship between the figurative and abstraction. The artist approaches this border with automatic writing and palimpsest of textures.

At the creation of abstraction, there is a very big risk of going into the visual precisely by accident, unintentionally. Automatic writing removes the problem by making the image identical in meaning and importance of abstraction. The line is erased, and the uniquely figurative can use the plastic language in which it is not recognized immediately.

The same with the palimpsest: Yrii applies and erases the layers of paint, covers one another, scrapes the drawing with a sharp turn of the brush and uses a spray bottle along with acrylic and pastel from the tube and pastel. The texture of these works gravitates to sculptural plastic, and therefore to the pathos of the material. The material and its modeling becomes no less interesting and important than the image itself.

Due to all the above, artworks are created, where a viewer can find a collision of different visual problems, each is attractive in its own way: from the boundaries of figurative painting, automatic and thoughtful, to pumping up the texture, as a way to overcome the painting itself.



  • 2021 — Program Art Moscow within the framework of the 46th Russian Antique Salon, a-s-t-r-a gallery. Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
  • 2020 — Participation in the International project of contemporary art THE WALL. Kamensk-Uralsky Art Museum, Kamensk-Uralsky
  • 2020 — Participation in the group exhibition "I have lost track of the world". Curated by Irina Shulzhenko. Space "Richter", Moscow
  • 2019 — Participation in the group exhibition "One, Two, Three" curated by a-s-t-r-a gallery. CUBE MOSCOW, Moscow
  • 2019 — Participation in the international project "Out of the Black Square". Trekhgornaya Manufactory, Moscow
  • 2019 — Personal exhibition "Dead bodybuilder". Space "Richter", Moscow
  • 2018 — Two guys / One Exhibition (with American photographer John Hunter Tenney, Free Workshop)
  • 2018 — Performance "Seven Gentlemen in Moscow". Gallery "Osnova", Moscow
  • 2018 — Performance "Round 9". "October", Moscow
  • 2017 — Performance "Sixth Symphony". Pluto, Moscow
  • 2017 — "Garden" (Experimental Art Studio Meditating Dog)



    JP’s Fur Seal
    Samoilove Yrii

    JP’s Fur Seal, 2021

    Paper, mixed media
    120 x 84 cm
    165 000 ₽
    My Beloved Knight
    Samoilove Yrii

    My Beloved Knight, 2021

    Paper, mixed media
    120 x 84 cm
    165 000 ₽
    Imaginary Landlord
    Samoilove Yrii

    Imaginary Landlord, 2021

    Paper, mixed media
    120 x 84 cm
    150 000 ₽

    Solovyev Paul

    Paul Solovyev, a multidisciplinary artist, equally comfortable existing both in gallery spaces and in interventions in the urban and natural environment. Paul is interested in the phenomenon of destruction and ideologization of the image in nobrow culture. In his works, subcultural and iconic signs mutate, flowing into each other, dissolving and disappearing, sacred, political and advertising symbols.

    Paul Solovyev, a multidisciplinary autodidact artist working in the field of performance, non-performance art, readymade, installations, photography, painting and graphics. Drawing on the influence of his previous professional experience in advertising and fashion, Pavel focuses on the queer aspects of identity that challenge the notions of representation and the eschatological potential of the image. In his projects, Pavel studies the transformation and transgression of the image in the stream of sacred, mystical, political and advertising symbols that fill the mediums of modern mass culture. Pavel's works are in private and corporate collections in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia.

    Creator of the LOVE clothing brand. As an artist and designer of the brand, Pavel collaborated with such musical groups as Aphex Twin, NAADYA, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Burzum and others.

    Member of the Club of Art Directors of Russia. Lives and works in Moscow.


    • 2019 — "Shatuny", Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow
    • 2016 — "Phantom", Space "Science and Art", Moscow
    • 2015 — "Black", CTI "Fabrika", Moscow
    • 2015 — "War is Peace", Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow
    • 2015 — "Parts of the World", "180 m2", Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow


    • 2020 — ENTER Art Fair. Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 2019 — "One, two, three", Gallery "a-s-t-r-a", CUBE, Moscow
    • 2018 — "N.Kh.", Gallery "XL", Center for Contemporary Art "Winzavod", Moscow
    • 2017 — "MMXVII *", Gallery "Electrozavod", Moscow
    • 2017 — "Trigger 3D", illegal exhibition at the Kursk Station, Moscow
    • 2017 —  "Vogue Fashion Night Out", TD TSUM, Moscow
    • 2017 — Bastille Day, Koncheevo, Moscow
    • 2017 — "Revolution", CTI "Fabrika", Moscow
    • 2016 — "Cosmos.LOVE", Center "Artplay", Moscow
    • 2016 — "Reading Group", within the framework of the "Moon at Zero" exhibition, "Red" Center, Moscow
    • 2016 — "Brilliant work", Center "Red", Moscow
    • 2016 — "Postkurok", illegal exhibition at the Kursk Station, Moscow,
    • 2016 — "Bar" Joy ", CTI" Fabrika ", Youth Biennale, Moscow
    • 2016 — "The Temptation of St. Anthony", "Printing Workshop" space, Moscow,
    • 2016 — Intervention “#Monopoly”, gallery “Regina”, gallery “Pop / off / art”, gallery “XL”, gallery “Pechersky”, gallery “Triangle”, gallery “Osnova”, gallery “Here”, gallery “Electrozavod ", Apartment exhibition on Voikovskaya, Moscow
    • 2015 — Pirtoy, Tengri Umai, Almaty
    • 2015 — "Image of the enemy", Center "Red", Moscow
    • 2015 — "When I eat", CTI "Fabrika", Moscow
    • 2015 — Festival "Outline", Karacharovsky mechanical plant, Moscow
    • 2015 — "New Wave Uncut II", gallery "MSK Eastside", Moscow
    • 2015 — "# Accident", FIAN accelerator complex, Troitsk, Moscow
    • 2015 — "Futuristic Mimicry", State Museum of Mayakovsky, Moscow
    • 2014 — MMXIV *, Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow



    Solovyev Paul

    US AND THEM, 2020

    Хромогенная печать на бумаге
    40 x 40
    36 000 ₽
    Solovyev Paul

    US AND THEM, 2020

    Paper, mixed media
    24 x 32 cm
    36 000 ₽
    gang ragnarok
    Solovyev Paul

    gang ragnarok, 2019

    Canvas, acrylic
    35 x 35 cm
    63 000 ₽
    two boys one rainbow
    Solovyev Paul

    two boys one rainbow, 2019

    Canvas, acrylic
    153 x 203 cm
    280 000 ₽
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