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a-s-t-r-a is a gallery project created by collector, curator and entrepreneur Alina Kryukova in 2018 to promote art among the new generation of buyers, as well as to popularize art collecting as an integral part of the contemporary lifestyle.

a-s-t-r-a is a combination of online sales and offline events aimed at attracting new audience to the art market through a series of curatorial exhibitions and educational projects, as well as through collaborations with contemporary art institutions.

Located in Moscow, Russia. 

Delivering worldwide.

Conceived as a comfortable entry point for beginning collectors, a-s-t-r-a started as an online-sales tool with affordable  and  small-sized artworks for the newest generation of collectors and art-lovers.

Early in 2019 a-s-t-r-a went offline by creating a-s-t-r-a lab, a new format of exhibition and edutainment. Edutainment combined daily lectures, performances, public talks, and curated shows. The event was aimed at attracting new collectors and people, interested in art.

From April to June 2019, a-s-t-r-a, in collaboration with the curatorial team ISSMAG opened a pop-up exhibition in Cube.Moscow, where a new selection of artworks had been presented as 4 group and 5 solo shows.

Having expanded the offer with works of various formats,  adding new artisits and increasing the price range, while still retaining the delivery service of available works, a-s-t-r-a doubled the audience and is now in dialogue with both beginners and established collectors.

Since November 2019, a-s-t-r-a is a gallery resident of the art cluster Cube.Moscow.

Taking a big leap one year after a-s-t-r-a was founded, it is already going to the international market to represent Russian contemporary artists.

2020 will be dedicated to collaborations with both Russian and international curators and participation in international Art Fairs.

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