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Spring/Break NY20

a-s-t-r-a is pleased to announce its participation at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York on March 3-9, 2020 with a special project.

Curated by Anna Evtiugina and Alina Kryukova.

Features works by Dima Hunzelweg, Maria Agureeva and Graham Akins.

625 Madison Avenue New York

Möbius Loop represents a void that invariably requires an ever-busy filling and exploration. This void that we all have to carry inside ourselves is ambivalent. On the one hand, it is a black hole that always requires filling, always craves for more. Sip by sip, it drains our lives, sucking all the energy of creation dry. This process results in invincible entropy, an eternal nothing. On the other hand, it is a bridge connecting a person with the Platonic world of ideas, a world of awareness and understanding that we are more than what we consume, much more than this hole of overconsumption.


Дорохов Сергей

С 6 — 23 марта

Арт-центр CUBE.Moscow Тверская, 3, -2 этаж в здании отеля The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow


Дорохов выкладывает живопись как она есть – не как искусство, а как требование к искусству, в результате чего она приобретает плакатную парадоксальность утверждений и граффитистский размах содержания. Это борьба со спектаклем, укоренившемся в осознании своей значительности и тотальности.


Featured artists

Hunzelweg Dima

D-503, 2019

elastan, neoprene, glass, wood
503x503x225 mm
Agureeva Mariya

Untitled, 2019

Bark (pine), plastic, synthetic fabric, leather, mixed media
87 х 66 х 17
Hunzelweg Dima

D-472, 2019

micro velvet, neoprene, acrylic glass, wood
472x472x160 mm
Hunzelweg Dima

D-1002, 2019

polyester, steel, plywood
1002x1002x295 mm
Agureeva Mariya

Untitled, 2019

Plastic, burnt wood, synthetic fabric, mixed media
77 х 58 х 33
Hunzelweg Dima

D-243, 2019

polyester, neoprene, glass, wood
243x243x118 mm
Hunzelweg Dima

D-401, 2019

biflex, neoprene, acrylic glass, plywood
401x401x200 mm
Agureeva Mariya

Untitled, 2019

Bark (pine), plastic, synthetic fabric, mixed media
79 х 53 х 13
H-900 (Halbkugel)
Hunzelweg Dima

H-900 (Halbkugel), 2019

neoprene, acrylic glass, wood
900x900x458 mm

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