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Egor Ostrov solo show

Egor Ostrov is a third-generation artist, a descendant of the old-school academicians and iconoclasts of the 1960s. He thoughtfully defends the artistic legacy of the New Academy of Fine Arts (established in St. Petersburg in the early 1990s by Timur Novikov) regarding the preservation of the ideals of beauty and European tradition in art.

By bringing back to life both the imagery and fundamental principles of neo-academicism and paying tribute to the greatest examples of classical art, with his works Egor Ostrov offers original visual interpretations of familiar compositions, while ‘reinventing’ them for the modern-day audience by using the latest achievements and cutting-edge technologies provided by contemporary science.


Featured artists

Judith (after Cristofano Allori)
Red for Apollo
Miro Anastasiya

Red for Apollo, 2019

Canvas, tempera
160x160 cm
Samoilove Yrii

Untitled, 2019

Acrylic on paper
84x120 cm
1 154 $
Sex and the City
Dorokhov Sergey

Sex and the City, 2019

Paper, mixed media
41x60 cm
615 $
Alien Jolie

Whirpool, 2019

Canvas, acrylic
150x200 cm
Bohemian rhapsody
2 154 $
My world is chroma key
Bushuev Pavel

DEF 3, 2019

Papar monotype
61 x 85 cm
615 $

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