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COSMOSCOW Art Fair 2021

a-s-t-r-a x COSMOSCOW Art Fair 2021

18 - 20 SEPT 2021 


booth Е3


Created in Moscow" Section

Central Manege, Manezhnaya Square, 1

This year a-s-t-r-a gallery is showing at Cosmoscow works by Dima Hunzelweg, Oksana Mas, Maria Agureeva and Dishon Yuldash.

The represented artists work in different techniques, have different views on art, set themselves different tasks, but each of them is a researcher. And this striving for knowledge, mastering new things, expanding the horizon of understanding and constant questioning is what unites them. The task of a-s-t-r-a is not only to show the work of artists (both established and beginners), but also to pose questions to the collector and the viewer, to constantly force and invite reflection, to set up the search and independent discoveries.

It is worth paying attention to Maria Agureeva's new series of works and especially to her video from the series "I am part of you, I am part of the whole world", 2021, in which the artist develops the idea of an unpredictable "faceted" world, through the collision of bodies: natural and anthropomorphic. We always encounter a part of the world. Maria shows the video for the first time in Russia.

Dishon Yuldash's objects are not only worth seeing but also practicing, joining in the artist's big plan, the result of which (when completed next year) will be a large installation "Baquet Moral. Tank of secret "sympathy". As Dishon herself says, "the result of the research will be a psychotherapeutic practice in the form of a physical experiment with the transmission of electromagnetic passes between living and inanimate objects.

Particular attention should be paid to familiarizing oneself with the works and philosophy of Dima Hunzelweg's work, presented for the first time at Cosmoscow, which in its artistic practice differs greatly from most artists of the Russian art scene. Exploring the form, Dima, with mathematical precision transfers the ideal into the real and transforms spaces, bringing order and harmony to his ideal objects.

Oksana Mas is well known to Russian and international collectors, so they will be interested to see the works from her new series "Files of memory", in which the artist explores the latest ideas of neuroscience in practice and works in a new technique, combining oil pastel with lacquer and acrylic.

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