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Symbiosis: Jolie Alien + Mikita Kunitski

23 декабря - 17 января
Peak Store. Петровский бульвар, д.8 стр.1

Mikita Kunitski is the creator of Hiayderfyt jewelry brand, an ideologist, stylist and generator of ideas in one person. 

His friend and creative ally Jolie Alien, an autodidact artist, is exclusively represented at a-s-t-r-a gallery. 
Jolie works with catchy images, simple subjects, framed compositions and expressive drawing. 
Her portfolio includes more than 10 group and solo exhibitions, two international fairs (Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen and Cosmoscow), sales of rights to her works for international campaigns of Mango and Adidas, participation in charity auctions of Forbes Woman, Vladey, VoBlago Foundation.

The close friendship of the artists led them to create SIMBIOZ art project. 
This exhibition is the result of their reflections on the influence of friends on each other's work and the merging of different yet similar perceptions of reality.

Reflecting on the theme of nature and modern man, Mikita Kunitski and Jolie Alien communicate with the world through paintings and objects: a capsule collection of Hiayderfyt jewelry, which Mikita created especially for Peak, will be presented as part of the art performance.

Alien Jolie

Jolie Alien — художник автодидакт, которая в свои восемнадцать успела сделать три соло выставки и стать участником множества групповых проектов. При этом, Jolie – модель, ее динамичная жизнь насыщена яркими впечатлениями, которые она пытается перенести в свои работы.

Jolie Alien was born in 2002 in Moscow.

An autodidact artist, she works with catchy images, simple plots, cropped compositions and expressive drawings.

Each of Jolie's works is introspective, connected with personal memories, which partly explains her visual language, which is intertwined with surreal images, simple geometric patterns, catchy inscriptions made with paint and spray.

Jolie's works resemble a wall that has been covered with graffiti for a long time: the figures float on top of each other, creating a collage effect. Jolie outlines youth, which she has direct access to and which is closed to the adult world.

The artist finishes her studies at the Moscow art INSTITUTE, combining a career in the fashion industry, participating in shows of such brands as Valentino, Off-White, Jil Sander, Paco Rabanne, Prada, Viviene Westwood, Simone Rocha, etc. Starred in international advertising campaigns Mango, Fendi, Adidas.

The rights to use the image of "Whirpool" were acquired by Mango for use in the release of a collection of t-shirts around the world. She was the subject of articles about her work in Document Journal, Vogue, InStyle, Elle and

Preparing for admission to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Complementary colors, expressive drawing and collage compositions of her paintings may seem confusing to many, but this confusion, ambiguity is a special feature of Jolie's works that distinguishes them from many others. As an artist, she values and puts perception above reflection, intuitiveness and even a certain automaticity of her paintings are related to art Brut and some of the works of Jean Dubuffet.

Jolie's language is highly subjective and even introspective. Perhaps only classical techniques can now allow the artist the luxury of speaking out about himself and capturing the reality around him as an enduring impression.

Her works are in collections in Russia, China, Japan, Belgium and America.

Lives and works between Moscow, London, and Tokyo.


  • 2021 - solo show "Symbiosis", Peak Moscow by a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia, a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - ENTER Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, a-s-t-r-a gallery
  • 2020 - "I lost track of the world", curated by Irina Shulzhenko, Richter space
  • 2019 - group show "One, Two, Three", curated by a-s-t-r-a, cube space.Moscow;
  • 2019 - solo show "20.11", curated by Irina Shulzhenko and Dmitry Yanchoglo, Richter space 2019,
  • 2019 - solo show "1367 number of my tick - what to do?", curated by a-s-t-r-a, Cube space.Moscow;
    live performance at the opening of a-s-t-r-a LAB, "Color" (creating a five-meter wall painting);
  • 2018 - "Wanted", Kino gallery


Alien Jolie

Whirpool, 2019

Canvas, acryl
150 x 200 cm
Alien Jolie

Transit, 2021

Canvas, acryl
205 х 150 см
Alien Jolie

Ru, 2021

Canvas, acryl
235 х 165 см
Alien Jolie

Dime, 2021

Canvas, acryl
140 x 140 cm
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