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solo show Kirill Doeshvili

a-s-t-r-a gallery х Kirill Doeshvili

24.01 — 20.02

Winzavod Art Center, 4 Syromyatnichesky Lane, 1/8, building 9, entrance 22

"Juice from Stone and Earth" - Kirill Doeshvili's first solo exhibition in Moscow. An exhibition-process, an exhibition-play, an exhibition-ticket to an adventure through the world, which the artist has created and populated with amazing characters.

Have you ever been presented with a comet? Or maybe you can use your voice to move through space? 

Doeshvili's world is populated by strange guys. They play an intricate game with each other. Pogo is a burnt-out old bear, always smoking and coughing all over the forest. He stumbles and loses his handkerchiefs. Galileo the paean studies the stars and their influences, often noticing strange phenomena. Oborva bullfighter is a wandering poet, often telling stories that he is the son of Walt Whitman himself, and baboon Boy is a dancer and lover of dancing, especially Andalusian cantos.

There is no good or bad among them.

They are all engulfed in the flame of love, but they don't know how to express it properly. 

Just like us.

Doeshvili Kirill

Kirill Doeshvili is an artist, poet, musician. He studied art, philosophy, poetry, literature. Attended courses at the Academy of Repin. Studied at Dnepropetrovsk Art School. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions and residencies.

"I dig deep to find the clearest water, and this is my way to go."

Born June 29, 1988 in St. Petersburg.

Since 2022 he has been living and working in Moscow.

Kirill Doeshvili is an artist, poet and musician. He studied art, philosophy, poetry and literature. Attended courses for free students at the Academy of Repin. Studied at Dnepropetrovsk Art School. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions and residencies. 

Kirill sees his art through an eye that does not obey the man-made laws of perspective, an eye that is not corrupted by compositional logic, an eye that does not respond to the names of everything, but which must learn every object encountered in life through the adventure of perception.

"I dig deep to find the clearest water, and that's my way to go."

Doeshvili tries on a plane of paper subjective and metaphysical time, taking the position of an artist working with reality. Drawing itself turns into an interlocutor and a stranger with whom he begins to juggle images. In the process, they change, as does their relationship to space and to each other. New layers of interactions with the force that governs this dimension emerge. "As the universe flows, so do we transpire, because we are its stardust," says the artist.

The artist is the architect of worlds. Symbolically, to create his characters Doeshvili uses exactly archival architectural paper. Fictional characters suddenly come to life on the sheets: Treschak the Unpunished, Friendly Pirate the Rascal, Wandering Apollo, Unscientific Chatterbox, Neptune's Unspent Client, Romeo the Sad Man, Lunatic Pierrot and others.

The characters are constantly communicating telepathically and are in the same field, in the process of exchanging something for which the stars give them their blessing. Each work is a new situation in which events unfold dynamically, but they are all simultaneously linked by a common logic and characters. There is no good or bad among them. They are all embraced by the flame of love, but they don't know how to express it properly. Just like us.


  • 2022 - Juice from Stone and Earth, a-s-t-r-a gallery, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
  • 2022 - a-s-t-r-a open.vol. 2, gallery a-s-t-r-a, CCCI Vinzavod, Moscow
  • 2020 - art residence "South Coast" theme: "Secret".
  • 2020 - participant of the project NEW REALITY. TO THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF UNOVIS.
  • 2020 - art forum Berlin Art.
  • 2020 - exhibition of expressionism, Gostiny Dvor
  • 2020 - creation of psychedelic objects at Sunburn art festival Goa, India.
  • 2019 - art residence "South Beach".
  • 2018 - art festival "Colors of the World" Koktebel.
  • 2017 - creation and art design, "Extreme festival".
  • 2016 - "Tavrida".

Doeshvili's works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Australia, England, Germany and the Czech Republic.


An instinctive Belief in the artistic form, a symbiosis of internal and external journeys, signs on the way forward in art.

Without thinking that death is near, I am constantly trying to comprehend the emptiness of all forms, which are distorted and modified, have their own magnitude and even a formal notion of time. When one paints or writes diligently, one has two types of signs of progress along the path, definite and indefinite, which indicate that the result will soon be reached. 

Uncertain signs, called basic signs, appear because of previous connections, even if one has never practiced art at all. Since they cannot be relied upon, I will not describe them here.

Certain signs appear as a result of drawing and are of two kinds: transient and unchangeable.

Transient signs can appear in reality as well as in mood. As for the first kind, when you are making preliminary sketches, you may feel as if your body is about to fall apart like the walls of a cracking house. Your voice may weaken, as in a state of extreme exhaustion. You may start convulsing like you are possessed by spirits. These are indicators that you have separated reality from the world of images.

Frustration with your own body, speech, and mind may appear in the mood. This demonstrates that you have purified yourself . If these states do not appear, then you have not had enough experience, so you need to dive further into the form.

As a result of fatigue, the actual signs show up in the bliss of the physical body, in the fact that you want to speak out, and in the mind everything is experienced as space. You can feel, "Nothing exists!" Along with that comes a joy pure as the sky. You may get the feeling that you have forgotten that there is a body, you don't notice your breath, and you don't want to leave the state of no thought, thinking, "This is it!" These are signs of mastering the stability of one's natural state, which is inherent in us. 

This understanding can also manifest itself in sensation: wherever your attention moves, you realize and comprehend that it is your own mind, you see the projections and returns of your thoughts as your own manifestation and realize that they are absolutely unobstantial, like space. These are signs that you have determined through seeing that the phenomena are your mind.


From the place where she lies, she sees the sunrise only to be dissolved in light
20 000 ₽
Flower island
Doeshvili Kirill

Flower island, 2023

Watercolor, mixed technique
152 х 102,5 см
150 000 ₽
Pink cloud
Doeshvili Kirill

Pink cloud, 2023

Double-filament fabric, watercolour, mixed technique
114 x 154 cm
165 000 ₽
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