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Open Call

OPEN CALL for artists

accepting applications from 4 JUNE to 3 SEPTEMBER 2020


The goal of the project is to create a guide to the unknown territory of creativity of an individual contemporary Russian artist and to acquaint collectors with the philosophy of art through specific works.

We ask the artist to create a conceptual map for a better understanding of certain themes and motives in his works, to introduce him to the philosophy of his path and to offer a guideline for a joint travel-reflection.

In conditions of isolation, closed borders and the impossibility of movement, we offer both collectors and artists to set off on a Path that will not only expand the horizon of understanding contemporary art for “pilgrims”, but also provide an opportunity to increase knowledge.

As a bonus, the modern "Siddhartha from the country of Quarantine" will be able to assemble an unexpected collection of optics for a versatile study of the world without leaving the room and without making a mistake.

We ask artists to answer the following questions as fully as possible:

  • Books That Influenced Creativity (Reading List with Comments)
  • What epigraph to today's stage of creativity would you choose from poetry? (list of poets and works to read)
  • Films whose visuality, perspective and heroes will help you get used to the reality of your creativity (list for viewing with comments)
  • Music as a soundtrack and an atmosphere of creativity (playlist)
  • Places in the world that before quarantine were a source of ideas and inspired works (with comments)
  • Artist-Guides and their favorite works (with comments)
  • Ideas and philosophers who invited to this or that reflection
  • World / personal events that changed you and gave you an impulse to create works
  • Something personal that can be the key to understanding your creative journey
  • Three favorite works and why
  • My art is about ...
  • An artist is ...
  • Art is ...
  • Beauty is ...
  • My goal in art is ...
  • I chose the path of an artist because / because ...
  • Direct speech / appeal to the viewer / collector:
  • We also ask artists to select up to 10 of their works, which will be an illustration for this guide.
  • As a result of the open-call, a book-album with the most interesting guides will be published.

The best answers will be published on the website and on the website of the partner publication.

The project will be translated into English and will be published on the English-language site of the partner publication in the United States.


Technical requirements for the application:

- send answers in pdf or word file to 

- upload work to dropbox in maximum quality and send a download link without time limits

- be sure to attach your CV to the application with an indication of education and a list of exhibitions.

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